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As a professional independent company, Maynards Stock Auditors can provide your company with an accurate, objective overview of your profitability. With years of specialist experience working with businesses just like yours, we can assist in the preparation and interpretation of results; explaining how to improve your future performance. Many people wrongly believe that a stocktake is simply a count of your current inventory. Our solution is an exhaustive audit of your stock; which tracks each purchase and sale, comparing this to your income and till data. Knowing the profit achieved on every product sold is crucial to maximising income. Similarly, eliminating wastage, short deliveries, over-measuring and pilfering are also key to your success.​As results are produced on-site, you have an up-to-date analysis of your gross profit rather than being disappointed when your year-end accounts show that you have not achieved your potential. The facts can be verified at the time of the audit to minimise the risks moving forwards and the auditor can discuss the findings with the relevant parties. Contact us for a visit and consultation to see what we can do for you.

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